Traffic Slam 2 car game

Traffic Slam 2 isnt your typical racing game. This time you must crash your car to win.

Traffic Slam 2

Traffic Slam 2 is a 3D car racing flash game where you will have to destroy as many cars as possible by creating a massive crash.

The first version of this game was pretty popular. You simply had to drive your car as fast as possible, collect a nitro boost or a crash detonator and head towards the intersection. In Traffic Slam 2, you will control your vehicle with the directional keys, the space bar can be used for slowing down the car and the D key for detonating it, as long as you already have the crash detonator. Each car on the road is very sensible, so making it explode shouldn't be difficult. You only have one shot and you have to achieve the highest score by planning it. Wait until you notice a lot of cars in front of you and try to aim in the center if you want to get a high score. You can take a look at the ranking charts at the end of each round and you will surely figure out a way to surpass your pervious records. The car can flip in mid air and it can go in many directions even after it explodes. Causing damage might seem easy at first glance, but it is quite difficult when you only have one shot at doing it.

Traffic Slam 2 is not a time consuming flash game, but it is fun and entertaining. The first game was a success and the second one will certainly follow the same pattern.